Help Jeremy Find an Apartment

Jeremy shared this with you.

UPDATE, Aug. 11, 2013: I found an apartment.

Hello friends and strangers! (Don't know me? Here's some info.)

My landlord is raising my rent. So I'm looking for a new apartment: a studio within a 45-minute public-transport commute of Rockefeller Center, for less than $1,400/month, ideally available July 1. I'm checking out Craigslist and StreetEasy. But I figure that, somewhere out there, a friend of a friend probably knows of a much better apartment than I'd ever find online. So I'd like to try an experiment:

* Or the charity of your choosing.

How will I know who led me to whom? I built this little website to keep track. Here's how it works:

Fair warning: Since this an experiment, I can't guarantee anything, but I'll try my hardest. Questions? Email me at

Thanks, and let's see if this works!